Scam or fraud: Make My Trip — Wrong booking done by make my trip

Submitted by: satyasudhas

Complaint Details:
We booked a ticket from VTZ to BLR at 18:45 on 26th Dec 2016 for travel date 18Jan’17. We were surprised to get a ticket for 19th Jan vide PNRNF7293090769306 after making the payment. The fare pertaining to 18th was charged but ticket was issued for 19th. After talking for about hour and a half, and after we sent the screen shots of dates and fares to make my trip executive( Mr.Sukhwinder Singh), we were assured a full refund of Rs.7346 but later a confirmation mail was received pertaining to cancellation for an amount of Rs.4848.

When we called up the make my trip toll free number again to complaint about the disparity in the refund amount, Mr. Abhishek spoke to us for an half an hour without giving us any resolution and then transferred the call to Mr. Atul who tried telling us that a full amount of Rs.7346 will be refunded but when we asked for a mail confirmation with the same amount, he said that we have to accept his word orally and refused to send a mail confirmation and he disconnected the call in the middle. In the above process we spent a precious 3 hours without a proper resolution.

With no fault of ours we have been forced to undergo so much of stress and financial loss. We have all the screen shots with us : with 2 dates on the same page i.e. 18th and 19th Jan and respective fares, and booking page which again has both dates but fare of 18th only. I am attaching all the screen shots.

We are totally vexed with the make my trip attitude in dealing with the customers. Our email id is