Scam or fraud: Likizo Services Pune — fraud company provides holiday services

Submitted by: Anish_Nathan

Complaint Details:

This is a fraud company as they have made false promises and I have been facing issues from the very next day I joined their services, I was called to their office and was trapped to take their service on their false commitments

I was told that the holiday package cost is Rs, 115000 valid for 5 years and the same can be paid in 36 months EMI’s without any interest or processing fee. I again and again emphasized to an executive named Rajat (who conned me) that I don’t want to pay the entire amount at once and would like to go for EMI option as I don’t know about this company and was unsure whether they will deliver their services for the 5 years package tenure I was opting. He assured me that his swipe machine will deduct Rs.115000 at once now but in next 24 hours the amount will be converted into an EMI for 36 months and I will get a call /msg from the bank about the same. I was somehow skeptical about their entire approach and insisted that I would want an entire refund if I don’t like your services and the same should be given to me in writing. The executive Rajat immediately agreed to this and even wrote it in the agreement that I have signed with Likozo

Now, I waited for 24 hours and got no msg nor mail therefore I called up my credit card and HDFC bank and they told me that there is no such EMI option with HDFC. And if I wished to convert it into EMI I could only convert it for 24 months and not more than that and that it will be with an interest and processing fee. I was annoyed at this and contacted Likizo and asked them to refund my entire money as they had committed for a 36 months EMI and had told me it would get converted by the bank and deducted the entire Rs.1, 15, 000/ at once from my credit card. I even went to their Baner office and demanded a refund to which they refused even though they had agreed to refund my entire money if I din t like their services. It was hardly 24 hours that I had opted for their service and the basis of this entire services taken was on false commitments from Likozo. I dint want to go for a service which was sold to me on false statements and promises. It was then I read about all the negative review about Likizo online. Then These people assured me to refund me the interest and processing fee and the differential EMI of 36 months and 24th months EMI and again insisted me to experience their services since it was not even 24 hours that I had opted for their service. They gave me a mail confirmation on the proposed refund and its been more than a week now that I am still following up with my refund. Now on my follow ups they are writing me back saying they will pay the proposed refund of bank interest, processing fee and differential amount on monthly basis for 24 months.

These people just keep making false commitments which they cant live upto and keep wasting your valuable time. Their customer service manager is some Sandeep guy who never comes on a call when called at their office and the staff says that Sandeep will call back but he never calls. In addition to this the Likizo staff refuses to share Sandeep’s contact details when asked for.

I am going legal with Likizo service and anyone who is facing this fraud can join me in claiming your refund. I will lodging a police compliant and have enough documentary evidences. When I had taken their service they said that they will be couriering me the welcome letter. It has been more than two weeks now and I still havnt received any welcome letter. I got a softcopy over the mail but that was sent to me wrongly and was intended to be send to someone else.

This is a serious fraud as I was invited and forced to come to their office to buy their services and it was not my first choice. then they made false commitments and took my money and now they wont refund even after having a refund clause in my agreement.

I have been patient enough to wait for them to refund my money but now that I don’t see them responding, going to the police and filing a case is the only way out