Scam or fraud: Lenovo — delayed service and unnecessary inspection charges – k.r.k solutions marathahalli

Submitted by: Anshul0607

Complaint Details:

I reported that my screen got damaged and want to replace it on 21st May 2018. I was told that display screen is not in stock and they have to order it.
They keep on repeatedly saying that the screen display will take 2 more days to deliver. However, I have not still received any confirmation the part delivery or replacement of screen. This service center is surely not bothered about any customer’s inconvenience and punctuality.
Secondly, I was charged 230Rs/- as “Inspection Charges” when submitting my handset which I feel was totally unnecessary. I was told that this charge will be deducted from the cost of new screen part. However, recently when I asked to give back my broken mobile they told 230Rs is non-refundable.

Also no provision of providing a spare handset due to delayed service. Absolutely unacceptable.

My request to please have a close look at service center on priority and take serious actions on them.