Scam or fraud: Landmark Online India / — defects on sofa purchased vide invoice 1520008311 dated 06 nov 17 from homecentre

Submitted by: Sumita Ghosal

Complaint Details:

We bought this sofa (3+2+1 seater) as per the above invoice. Very soon we found that one of the cushions in the 3 seater was suppressed way more than the other cushions. On our complaint the company carpenter came and checked and advised that all the sofas require repair.

The Sofas came back after repairs on 17th Oct and we found further damages to the Sofa. These were corroborated again by lifestyle-Homecentre carpenter who visited us on 18th Oct 18.

Moreover, the repairs were carried out by inexperienced people and thus they had uneven thickness, overstuffed in places making them look real shabby. We have refused to accept the Sofas and have requested replacement. We are yet to hear back from the company reps.