Scam or fraud: Kent Ro — kent pearl s/n : kr1711019656

Submitted by: Urmimala Sudhakar

Complaint Details:
Purchased Kent RO water purifier on Dec 24, 2017. Till date no free service or visit provided. Today I called for a routine check up as warranty would expire in some time. Technician gave a list of problems and also told me that filter was too dirty and had to be changed @ Rs1, 000/-. When I asked why they had not come earlier to check and clean my filter on a routine basis as machine was in warranty, the reply I received was that they don’t do routine check up, they only check for problems. My query is: If my filter had been cleaned regularly within 6 months then now it would not be beyond repair…why no routine check in warranty period??? Who will pay for faulty company policy??? Why should customer suffer??? Why such policies are not declared at sale time??!