Scam or fraud: Karvy — transfer of hero motocorp shares

Submitted by: William Burchell

Complaint Details:
Ref.: KCPL/HML/DUPSC/DNN/47304/47652 Folio # HML0083432
I Mr. William Frank Burchell have submitted all the required documents for transfer of shares from the name of my deceased mother Mrs. Phyllis Yvonne Burchell and issuance of duplicate share certificates, this matter is pending for a period of more than two years. I have followed up the matter with Hero and your office but no action is being taken by your Ex employee Rajesh Mishra and now Mr Kirankumar. I am a senior citizen and non payment of dividend for past dues is causing me financial stress. I request you to pleas take up the matter and resolve it at the earliest. Thanking you Mr. W. F. Burchell