Scam or fraud: Kajal Bansal — Air india’s carelessness

Submitted by: kajal bansal

Complaint Details:
I booked my flight today itself in between 6-7 p.m. on 21.12.2016. I am a law student and I am very disappointed from air India service because I prefer my flight time 9:45 on 22.01.2017 (ticket num. 0982119378349. flight AI803) and they automatically selected 6:10 which create a huge mess with me and both flights have same fare .

So, please change my flight time which I chose/prefer first otherwise pay back my money by tomorrow. I thought air India’s service is good so I choose air India but their service is too bad and if I will be not getting my flight time which is 9:45 then I’ll share my experience with others and make sure people get to know this incidence.

I am requesting you to change my preferable time as I chose.

Thanking you
Kajal Bansal