Scam or fraud: Jk Tyre & Industries — Crack in new Jk tyre when not even used for single km

Submitted by: Yaadram

Complaint Details:
I purchased Mahindra xuv in Apr 15 with Jk Tyres. On 18 Dec my one of tyre punchered and told my son to replace with spare wheel and get it repsired. On taking out spare wheel I saw that tyre had no air and had a crack of approx 4 inch. I spoke to sales person of Punjab Mahindra at SGHighway Ahmedabad. He told to go to service center. On 20 Dec I went to Punjab Mahindra Service Centre he checked and told to go to Jk tyre engineer office at Sarkhej. Engineer (Mr Vivek) was not there and I contacted him on mobile. He told to send photos by whatapp. I send tyre photos and seeing photo he declared cut in tyre. I told him that it is not a cut it is crack. I repeated that cut only come when tyre is used. I requested him to check tyre’s conditition physically. He told that I cannot come at Sarkhej office. He said that that I should go to Narol office. I went to Narol office and he checked the tyre and its series with other which was of same series. He told that tyre is new and NSD measured was 8mm which happens to be new tyre. Inspire of facts he gave report of cut and not crack. I told him when tyre is new and it was never used by me how cut is possible. For that he told I do not know. He said that it WS cut hence cannot be replaced. Pl look into matter and replace with new tyre. Pl believe on Army person otherwise nobody will believe on Jk tyre and one nobody will purchase Jk Tyres. Pl see more than 20 such cracking of tyre complaints. This is manufactural defacts ad substandard material is used. If nothing is heard it will be my compuldon to go to court with tyre.