Scam or fraud: — Very bad customer service and false refund policy (Order No: 101261467)

Submitted by: Gautam_Jodhani

Complaint Details:
I ordered Resqtech 25 Liter 12V DC Bucket Car Washer which was delivered on 17th Dec 2016. After removing the bubble wrap, I noticed that the inner box was completely crippled and the product had some scratches. One of the accessory (gardening attachment) was also missing from the package.

The condition of the product is such that it not even looks like a new product. It looks like a refurbished product which was sold by falsely being claimed as new.

I called the customer care within 1 hour of delivery and informed the issue. I was asked to share some photos and I immediately shared some pictures over email. I did not receive any reply / acknowledgement confirming the email and photos were received. After waiting for 4 days, I called the customer care today and came to know about the pathetic customer service they provide. The agent talked to rudely and after repeated requests of transferring the call to a senior team member, she did not agree. On top of that she told me that since the product is not completely damaged they cannot refund the money. I was surprised by the response as while ordering it clearly mentioned EASY RETURNS!! After wasting more than 15 mins with her on phone, I had to finally give up. At this point I dont know whether I will get a replacement or my money back. I request for legal action against this cheating business.