Scam or fraud: Indigo Airlines — Complaint for passenger not allowed to board the airline

Submitted by: Shantanu Shivratan Rathore

Complaint Details:
Dear Team

To bring to your notice i had planned a emergency travell from mumbai to Jaipur on 26th Dec 2016 for a personal emergency. I had reached the airport well in time at 3.00 a.m for a flight scheduled at 5.40 a.m however even after issuance of boarding pass and securtiy checkin the ground staff did not announce on boarding and when i checked with them at 5.15 the said boarding gates closed. I was not allowes to board and hence had to miss my flight. I had a return flight for the evening from Jet Airways for which i had to bear a loss as cancellation would not get any refund.

Please find the passenger details below

Name: Shantanu Jodha
PNR No. 09P8YP
Date: 26/12/2016
Flight Number: Indigo 6E 207

Along with me 6 other passenger were not allowed to board as there was no announcement for Boarding and even after checking on time they said boarding gates closed.

Please help in refunding the ticket amount.