Scam or fraud: Indian Railways — using credit card

Submitted by:  surface

Complaint Details:

Today i booked ticket fro St Thomas Mount Railway station booking counter to Trichy.

after reaching home I noticed instead of 4 th I hv given date as 3.9.18., ( this also due to the another counter clerk’is mistake of not booking the tickets and simply watching mobile. whom I approached first, when I asked her why you are not booking for the person who is standing/ filling the form near the counter, she replied wait after that person only I can take your form like that time was morning 8.00 am, which disturbed my mind and I approached another counter No.3)

immediately I went and approached supervisor for date modification, who informed since the ticket was booked by using credit card it is not possible, you hv to cancel and re book the same.

1.If the modification of date is not possible for the tickets booking thr credit card why Railways / Govt, is encouraging for using the cards.

2, Is there any rule not to use cards for future modification of date. pl confirm,

3. Simply if it is the attitude of the supervisor / counter official due to more work involved and avoiding, please arrange to refund the amount what they charged. ie Rs.380/-
MS to Trichy date of Journey 3.9.18 Cancellation ticket No.[protected] train No.12653
time of cancellation 11.07:02 hrs 08.08.18

4. If any data is available in your office, you can type my mob number / name and view how frequent travelers we are.. Even railways can consider us as a privileged travelers.

anticipating your early action
k padmavathi