Scam or fraud: Indian Railways — Sleeper coach turning into general coach

Submitted by: sarve69

Complaint Details:
I was travelling from Allahabad to Mumbai onboard Tulsi Express on 21st December in sleeper coach. Unfortunately, the indisciplined bhaiyas of UP turned the sleeper coach into general coach. People without any reservation would enter the sleeper coach and occupy the seats reserved for other people. There were so many altercations between genuine reserved and unreserved passenges throughout the journey.
Every bay, which is supposed to have 8 seats was brimming with 20 people. TTEs were roaming the coaches, but they were not taking any action against illegal passengers.
There were uncountable people sleeping all over the floor, making it impossible to go to toilets or access wash basin. Every berth had two sleeping people (sleeping in 69 position) and couple of other passengers sitting beside.
The train ride was horrible. I also saw on-duty GRP policeman sleeping on one of the berths. That was the worst train journey I have ever had.
I request the railways to look into this matter and be extremely merciless towards disgusting bhaiyyas of UP and Bihar. They are not to be treated with dignity. They don’t deserve any dignity. Railways should be very very strict with them. No liniency for bhaiyyas can be tolerated.
Please be brave and punish all those who travel in sleeper coaches without reserved tickets.