Scam or fraud: Indian Oil Corporation [IOC] — Misbehaviour by the owner

Submitted by: Pratishta Rao

Complaint Details:
We stopped at This petrol pump for fuel and to use the restroom.My Dad was in the washroom so my mother and I were waiting outside behind the toilet.After a while we hear the owner yelling at us on top of his voice and used foul language, as he assumed we were peeing right behind the building.He could clearly see that nothing of that sort was happening even after which he continued yelling at us.We clearly explained to him that we were just standing there, he continued yelling and arguing.My Dad interfered even after which he didn’t stop and continued fighting.The state of the washrooms are even worse, there wasn’t In sanitary conditions at all.We belong to a very respectable and reputed family.We want to keep India clean and be a part of Swacch Bharath initiative.Even in long journeys we make pit stops in petrol pumps to use the washrooms.The least we expect is to have clean washrooms.Having clean bathrooms are basic necessities.Those washrooms looked like they haven’t been washed since ages.The irony of this is that when we confronted him about the washrooms he gave us petty reasons, while maintaining a harsh tone.I request you to please look into the matter.I want an apology.Even after seeing we weren’t doing anything of that sort he continued to yell and didn’t stop.He wasn’t sorry for his behaviour.
Invoice Number:224040