Scam or fraud: India Rehab Centre — fake call

Submitted by: Aarna5

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] ‪+[protected]‬: This is ishita from an NGO.

Actually we are helping a child named HONEY10 month Old BURN patient.

So our NGO is helping this child for the survival as the parents of the kid they are very poor and not able to do anything for their kid

So now m sending all details of this NGO along with patient details.

Kindly go thru this and help the kid for his surgery

May god bless you
[8/6, 13:16] ‪+[protected]‬: U can also go through with

Please enter pan no. And click search
[8/6, 13:16] ‪+[protected]‬: Right now he is in iccu…might be god has chosen u, and give u the opportunity to save a life..??

Honey is slowly loosing his vision and doctors are saying he will become permanent blind..

if he will not get treatment on time…
[8/6, 13:16] ‪+[protected]‬:
[8/6, 13:16] ‪+[protected]‬: U can easily make ur contribution through this link
[8/6, 13:16] ‪+[protected]‬: WHR u have got a donation form

Mention ur details according to ur pan card bcz its a tax exempted donation under 80g or 12a.

In msg : urgent help for baby honey cr no. B 215

Amount : should be in 4 digit

Volunteer : ishita kaushik
[8/6, 13:16] ‪+[protected]‬: Plz spread ur hand on the head of the child so he will get painfree life from ur side

Waiting ur response.????