Scam or fraud: Idea Cellular — Fraud/cheating in billing

Submitted by: sahil0706

Complaint Details:
Dear Sir,

I am Sahil Sharma and I’ve been an Idea postpaid (9928350429) user for many years now and I have never faced any issues with services, until now. I have been getting calls and SMS regarding a new postpaid plan, which will give me more free calls and unlimited 2G data post 1GB 3G data. So I agreed and shifted from RJSuperb250 plan to RJ375unlmtd3G plan on 21st November 2016 (first day of my billing cycle). I was told at the time of activation that no extra charges will be applied for the change of plan, as this is the first day of billing cycle and it will be activated right away.

However, when I received the invoice recently (21nov-20dec), I found Rs.167.81/- (Rs.144.18 + 15% tax) applied as data Usage charge, which doesn’t make any sense to me because current plan has unlimited data and the old plan had 1GB of 2G data, so in either case I cannot have exceeded the data usage limit. Therefore, the usage charges applied are illegitimate.

I contacted 198 customer care last friday, where the Junior executive transfered my call to his “Senior” Gaurav. Firstly, he was very rude, that’s no way to talk to a customer! Secondly, he was unable or didn’t want to understand the issue. He just kept repeating that these charges are correct.

After years of staying loyal to Idea Cellular, for the first time I am feeling cheated. And I am writing to you as the last resort. Therefore, I request you to kindly help get a waiver of this amount from my invoice.

Hoping for a positive response soon. Thanks!