Scam or fraud: Idea Cellular — bad language used by recovery caller for postpaid bill for just rs.600

Submitted by: noyonikac

Complaint Details:

As there are huge network problems in old Delhi, I was unable to pick calls from Idea recovery departments, so they called me n number of times in mere 15 minutes from 6 different numbers and when finally I went on the top of the building to receive the call as I thought it must be really urgent …what I heard was has Sir handed over his phone to you as he was not able to pick up the call himself ?
I was like what ? who the hell are you ?You are calling on a Vodafone number and complaining about Idea customer ?
The kind of language she used was beyond my understanding and I had to give her a piece of my mind .
She was talking as if we have taken some advance from her or Idea is cutting her salary because we have not paid their bill.
Hence registering a complaint against her.

Numbers that I got calls from :-