Scam or fraud: ICICI Bank — Unused bill amount from credit card

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Dear ICICI Team,

I am not at all happy with your reply, from customer point of view it not fair.

As per you saying customer to after purchasing any items from credit card we should pay bill amount and you making fool to people to selling ur credit card, i use credit card and you make the extra charge or interest to pay for this amount.

When u selling your card and saying its life time free credit card no changes on a card. Now without using credit card you make the card charges on the my Credit card, I should not pay this amount u should be given all the information as a customer point of view.

it means only for card selling purpose your showing attraction to customer and not giving all the actual information to customer if the service is not proper you are denying to provide service once your sale is finished.

Its means you are making full and what you saying its fake to customer, You should be correct your mistake and get back to your card i should not pay any your fault any amount and you should be permission to cut or debit from any amount from my personal account. IF you should be do any thing i tweet and complain in customer care site.



Credit card No: 374742027621007