Scam or fraud: ICICI Bank — Account debited without subscription to services.

Submitted by:  Makaero Crispy Deals

Complaint Details:
I haven’t subscribed to My Money service but still anual fee for
BIL/001107889959/MM Annual Fee DEC16-NOV on 20/12/2016 345 rupees got deducted. Most annoyingly I can’t subscribe it by Myself. What an insane they Icici dont have toll-free number. I called Phone bank support through phone mobile number, call rejected always and asking to callback after sometime.Hold my call for 18 minutes and call rejected as heavy load calls. I really got lost Trust with Icici bank. Please unsubscribe me from My Money service and pay back my money 345 rupees in my account in priority basis. If not refunded I will complaint Icici bank with govt and in RBI. My number is:8973288008
Details of debit
BIL/001107889959/MM Annual Fee DEC16-NOV