Scam or fraud: Hyundai Motor India — regarding defective clutch plate of my grand i10

Submitted by: vikas1757

Complaint Details:
I have purchased my vehicle HUNDAI GRAND i10 sportz in 2016, MH 31EU 8263 from EROS MOTORS, Ghat road, Nagpur. after 15 days of my car purchase, I faced problem with clutch of car. i called hyndai service centre, problem partly got resolved. then evertime during service of my vehicle, i complain about same clutch hardness/ tightness but i t could not get compledtely resolved. Everytime. hundai service representative told me that it will get solve with time. after 20, 000km of service, I again asked about clutch problem . now this time they told me to change my clutch plate and i have to pay for it. Since this clutch problem exists just after purchase of my car and everytime I am telling about the same, why thy have not changed in first time only. it is am manufacturing defect.