Scam or fraud: Homenet Mumbai — Horrible and unprofessional service by Homenet

Submitted by:  namitabh

Complaint Details:
Dear Homenet,

When I had paid money to Homenet in advance for the 12 months ( pay for 6 months and get 6 months free ), I was very happy but now I have understood that it was just trap and ploy to cheat and fool the customers like me.

I was given Optic Fibre Line which was working very fine till last week however suddenly it has been stopped and the Homenet engineers are now saying that there is no Feasibility and hence they will change the Internet line to Cable.

How can Homenet change anything and everything on its won and without informing me and change the services for which I have already paid in advance for the one year..?

For each day, when my internet is not working, I am suffering greatly in mental harassment and also in monetary terms.

Please restart the internet connection and line immediately else I will be forced to take legal action.