Scam or fraud: Home Loan — Home loan disbursement process

Submitted by: akash781994

Complaint Details:
I have applied for a home loan in Axis bank, branch sanpada loan office near lokmat and Santosh nikam and his boss Amit they both are coordinators. After sanctioned process I applied for disbursement process. From last 20-25 days my file is in disbursement process only. After every 2-3 days both the coordinators used to call me and ask for new document for submission. Usually this is hardly 3-4 days procedure but they have taken my lot of time where i am paying interest for each n every day for that particular amount. Today i asked mr amit about status of my disbursement but he started using abusing, non polite language as he lost my one of document and I was asking question to him regarding this. thats what we are expecting from ur coordinator?This is my worst deci to apply for home loan in axis bank. Financially I am paying 13% interest on my disbursement amount as per goverment yojana and axis bank wont be reimburse that amount.

I request you if it is not possible to disburse my amount dd then please close this file and give me my all money which i hve paid for this process…