Scam or fraud: Hightech Builder Orissa — Land fraud

Submitted by: Akash Satapathy

Complaint Details:
I have paid more than 1lakhs 20 thosant of rupees for 2400 sqft plot at Bhagyanagar 3 years back. No reminder has worked yet to get it registered.Now few top people of this company are arrested.How to get the land ?? ..even getting the money back is not an option. These land grabbers & builders/agents have already inflated the cost of land so many times in Bhubaneswar.I feel we should get the land or the market price, so that our dream of getting a plot near the state capital comes true.
Odisha have many cheats..because the influential in the state protect them..there are many still in the market now roaming freely ..many are even from outside states ..making easy bucks at the cost of ..we the Odias…