Scam or fraud: Herbalife / — Performance of herbalife

Submitted by: dipak chandra baral

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-To whom it may cocern-
In a leading news- paper if you see a multinational company requires retired/ service-changer/ the unemployed person for part-time/whole time jobs even done at home be cautious as you are calling for money sucking just like bugs done silently & uttering fluttery words for the process in order to engage. Go to attend seminar/ discussion methods will be applied to you for sucking your hard-earned money consumed by company, seminar fee & lunch(optional)at least twice in a month & your upline distributor gets 45% commission for the have purchased as allotted to your specific post. The company invites you several times to clear its stock by giving attractive packages & all expenses will have to borne by you.To maintain your name from the defaulter list you have to purchase pdks.annually & none will look how you sell the pdks. I had fallen in this trap & lost my hard- earned money. So be cautious. My upline distributor Runa Dasgupta has not taken prompt action, although I assured to give her lion’s share of the profit on selling. An unusual delay may not be appreciated by anyone as everyone wants for selling quickly. I don’t know being an old distributor could not be able to sell the pdks. Hence, just see the situation & market demand of the pdks.Pdks. are very costly & go to see CONSUMER COMPLAINTS who take the pdks.all over INDIA have been suffering from several diseases & it will be better to quit the company from INDIA.