Scam or fraud: HDFC Life — missale of policy


Complaint Details:

1) I state that I had bought a Unit Link Pension-II Policy from your company bearing Policy no. 12817506 in the month of March 2009 dated 30th.

2) I state that after 9 years of regular payment of the premiums, I could not pay premium of March 2017 and because the Policy lapsed, I started getting calls from Mobile no. [protected] for inquiry of non-payments defaults from my side.

3) I say that one lady Ms. Sanjana Sharma, bearing mobile no. [protected], told me on phone call that the said organisation i.e. HDFC Life, shall make a refund payment of Rs. 3, 20, 000/- ( Rs. Three lakhs twenty thousand).

4) I further state that Ms. Sanjana Sharma identified herself as the employee of HDFC Life, I was advised by Ms. Sanjana Sharma that due to non-payment of the premiums, I should surrender my Police no.12817506 and also she shall remove the agent’s name from my policy so that I get the full amount without paying anything to the agent to which I agreed.

5) I further state that I agreed for the refund amount promised by Ms. Sanjana Sharma and she assured me that she will process the said refund as per procedure after a month.

6) I further state that at the time of assuring me for the refund of amount of Rs. Rs. 3, 20, 000/- ( Rs. Three lakhs twenty thousand), I was also offered to buy two new policies of Rs. 40, 000/- (Rs. Forty thousand only) and Rs. 25, 000/- (Rs. Twenty five thousand only) and the I was told that after payment of Rs. 40, 000/- and Rs. 25, 000/-, I shall get Rs. 2, 00, 000/- ( Rs. Two Lakhs only) additional with Rs. 3, 20, 000/- refund i.e. total of Rs. 5, 85, 000/- ( Rs. Five Lakhs and eithy five thousand only) which includes the new policy amount of Rs.40, 000/- and Rs. 25, 000/-.

7) I further state that after showing disinterest and reluctance for the new policies offered to me by Ms. Sanjana Sharma, she forced me to buy the new policies by giving me greed of Rs. 5, 85, 000/- in return as refund. I say that after so much of influence and persuasion by Ms. Sanjana Sharma I agreed to buy the two new policies and accordingly I made a payment of Rs. 40, 000/- ( Rs. Forty thousand only) and Rs. 25, 000/- ( Rs. Twenty thousand only) and the said payments were processed by one Mr. Rahul of Borivali Branch and two new policies were processed and I got two new policies bearing no. 19500414 for Rs. 40, 001/- ( Rs. Forty one thousand and one rupee only) starting from 31/07/2017 and the other one bearing Policy no.19331640 of Rs. 25, 000/- ( Rs. Twenty five thousand only) starting from 29/05/2017.

8) I further state that Ms. Sanjana Sharma had assured to me that the said amount of Rs. 5, 85, 000/- shall be returned to me in one month’s time and if I have any query or inquiry regarding any issue of the policies I can contact one Mrs. Kavita Kaur having mobile no. [protected], who was identified as employee in the Account department of HDFC Life. After inquiring the position/ designation of Ms. Sanjana Sharma, Mrs. Kavita Kaur told me that she is the Regional Head of HDFC Life, Pune. I say that since I could not identify the said two ladies personally, Mr. Rahul who came to meet me personally to process the two new policies, I became fully assured about the new policies and both the ladies Ms. Sanjana Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Kaur representing HDFC Life.

9) I say that I was pretty sure and confident about the promises made by Ms. Sanjana Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Kaur and hence waited for a month. I say that after completion of one month I started following up with Ms. Sanjana Sharma and she started ignoring my calls. When I tried to call her from other mobile numbers, she picked calls and re-assured me that the said amount of Rs. 5, 85, 000/- ( Rs. Five lakhs eighty five thousand only) shall me returned to me as soon as possible.

10) I say that I tried calling Mrs. Kavita Kaur after I could not reach Ms. Sanjana Sharma, she picked my calls and gave me multiple reasons multiple times of being busy in GST work, Ms. Sanjana Sharma being out of town, and promised me that the said refund shall be processed soon.

11) I say that after some days of following up with both Ms. Sanjana Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Kaur, and making repeated phone calls and messages and reminders, Ms. Sanjana Sharma failed to revert back and reply to any of my messages or calls. I say that tried both numbers given by Ms. Sanjana Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Kaur, but both ignored my calls and I was blocked from calls and messages. My efforts went in vain and eventually I had to approach the concerned branch office in Goregaon (E).

12) I say that after approaching your branch office when I narrated the whole story of how I was promised and misold, defrauded, cheated of the new policies with good returns, your employee who heard me out told me that there is no any employee named as Ms. Sanjana Sharma as Head of Account Department in HDFC Life and that I was trapped and cheated in the name of HDFC Life. I was totally shocked and take aback by the response given to me by your employee and I was suggested to give a complaint in writing to you and hence I am writing this complaint to you. I also checked the mobile numbers given to me by Ms. Sanjana Sharma on ‘Truecaller’ app which shows them as HDFC Life employees.

13) I request you to kindly hold a departmental inquiry into this present matter and initiate strictest action against the culprits for cheating an ex-serviceman. I have been under immense mental stress because of the criminal act done by Ms. Sanjana Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Kaur.

14) I also request you to take up this case on priority as I am dealing with a heavy financial crisis because of the amounts given to your company. I say that I am relying on you for further steps and action to be taken against Ms. Sanjana Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Kaur failing which I will be initiating legal action against the culprits and your company in future. Hoping for a fruitful response and action from your side. Kindly take note of this complaint and do the needful as soon as possible.


I had lodged a specific complaint in writing at HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd . Goregoan office on 30th May, 2018 duly acknowledge on that day.

I have received a letter from your office bearing no nil dated 04th June, 2018 from one Mr. Ulhas Uthaman (Service Recovery – HDFC Life). A simple reading of this reply clearly gives an impression that the concerned officer instated of making detailed and serious inquiry, has chosen to give evasive reply to my specific question on the basis of some standard format / terms and conditions of the policy document / your company.

This reply of the officer is not at all in response to my complaint of cheating, fraud and misconduct by Mrs. Sanjana Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Kaur.

I once again request you to minutely gr through my specific complaint and take the action against Mrs. Sanjana Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Kaur.

I am sure and confident that you will come to the conclusion that above mentioned persons bring disrepute to the company and harassment and loss to the policy holder.

Expecting prompt action from you for protecting my interest and others.