Scam or fraud: HDFC Bank — Security breach of credit card

Submitted by: shafquat ali

Complaint Details:
Hello Sir,

yesterday night i.e. 22-12-2016 at 1:36:12 A.M. I received a message saying that a transaction has been made from my credit card ending 0463 for Rs. 225 in Mumbai at KLICKPAY77252.
I never did any such transactions. I didn’t even receive any OTP for this transaction. it was a fraud klickpay77252 payment. please refer attached image.

I would request you to secure the credit card payments online always. it was just 225 rupees this time, it could have been more. I would even request the bank to initiate the refund process. if the security of the card and online transaction is something that the bank can not take care of then it might be a correct thing to close the account/credit card.