Scam or fraud: Hdfc Bank — mental harassment from hdfc recovery people

Submitted by: PriyeshS

Complaint Details:


I am getting threatning call ls from hdfc recovery people and they are torturing me.
They are calling my family members and torturing them as well.
I was having some personal issues and health issues and I lost my job also. Because of that i was unable to pay my EMI on time and i missed it but as m in a stable condition and as i informed them that i am willing to pay that still they are just torturing me and my family members.
He is contineously calling me and texting me that “Answer my call i am coming to your place now” when i am at work.
He is seriously making my life very difficult.
This guy name Akbar calling my family member and telling them that if you dont pay amount then “i’ll make sure whereever i seem him (myself) i’ll just pick him up take him with me.