Scam or fraud: Golden Forests India Ltd — account number is invalid.

Submitted by: pbkramsita

Complaint Details:

I, P B K Rohini D/o Duttatreya have 4 investment claims in Golden Forest India Limited Company. My claims were admitted by Committee vide order dated 24.1.2007.
When i tried to fill up the claim form completely and submitted the form, it shows popup message that account number is invalid. And due to which I am not able to move to the next step.
Last date for submitting the claim form is 30th October.
My Account numbers and Receipts Numbers are as follows:
Account Number Receipt Number
1. 01/9/LCC214682 LS/00/39085
2. 01/9/LCC351559 LS/00/175962
3. 01/9/LCC383189 LS/00/207592
4. 01/9/LCC214873 LS/00/39276
Kindly resolve my query in this regard immediately.
PBK Rohini D/o Duttatreya
Mobile: [protected]