Scam or fraud: Gc Services — fraud

Submitted by: Meghana Parmar

Complaint Details:

I am a resident of mumbai, I recently registered with clickindia and then i received a call from GC services. they wanted me to do 1000 forms in 10 days for 25rs per form. I agreed to it. They made an agreement for 10 days. after few days my id got terminated automatically and then they expected me to pay their fine. They said i was doing multiple logins (which i wasnt). and now they want me to pay them. After this incident they did not speak politely and used harsh language and threatened me to file a case against me in court.
[protected] (lady’s voice) This number is shown as spam in truecaller and the name written on the truecaller is advocate legal department.
[protected] Kinjal Pradhan is her name who first called me for this offer works in GC services
After i got fooled i checked on the internet and then i realised that i should have done some research before admitting to the fraud company. And similar issue has been faced by many people.