Scam or fraud: Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — admission fee refund

Submitted by: murtaza129

Complaint Details:
I have applied 2 months ago for the refund of my admission fee but till now I haven’t received my money back. I am going to file a complain against Frankfinn if I don’t get the money ASAP, I have all the evidences and proofs regarding the payment, all the chatting, mails, receipt and I have phone calls recorded too. They told me to wait 1/2 months and I have waited patiently. But now I will take action against it. I will do every possible thing to expose Frankfinn. I will share it to every social media platforms with all of the proofs. I will go extreme, its not a matter of 15000rs now, its a matter of Justice against fraud. I have seen many other students who are complaining the same thing. I will contact them all and we will protest together against it.