Scam or fraud: Flipkart — order placed for bedsheets, mixer & pillow covers

Submitted by:  subipratibha

Complaint Details:

I had booked multiple things during the Diwali sale. One of the order was a total of 4700 Rs that included bedsheets, pillow covers & a mixer.

I booked on 6th, order got cancelled on its own. When i wrote a mail, I ws asked to call cust care. There I ws told that since one seller of the multiple sellers (as I had booked multiple things) had cancelled due to some issue at his end, my entire order got cancelled. I ws told to place a new order at the new rates.

They had no empathy for the total embarassment & mental harassment that I had to go through as these were gifts I had ordered for people close to me. Nor did they provide any escalation matrix or system. The cust exec Shubhada disconnected, then when I called again, another cust exec transferred to Abhishek from the escalation team who refused to be of any help… all the while I was kept on long holds

Abhishek said that he is the last point for escalation, when asked for his boss.. he refused to give any info, not even a mail id of that person to contact inspite of me telling that I do not want the product but it is a matter of principle… why should a customer suffer for all the orders placed just because one seller has backed out? What is the logic of cancelling the whole order if one seller backs out?