Scam or fraud: Flipkart — order id : from p r prashant – order id : 113344262165032000- 2 nos portuguese type lamps relacement rqst palced on 18.09.18

Submitted by:  atanudaw

Complaint Details:

Please note w.r.t above mentioned product, I have been requesting for replacement of the 2 quantities of the same since I received defective products.
Unfortunately flipkart has not been responding in this regard. Moreover they have send a message as follows:

We’d like to let you know that your recent order has been cancelled as our systems have observed a trend in your purchase history that suggests that the items you’ve purchased are for reselling and not for personal use. This would also mean that you will no longer be able to login to your Flipkart account.

Shabreen Begum
Flipkart Customer Support

Iam surprised as to how flipkart can decided on its own about a customer without seeking clarification and without proper inspection.

Inspite of this unwarranted email, I have replied to them explaining my need for the quanties of lamps that i have been ordering.

Yet there has been no response from flipkart.

If you donot want to extend a relationship with an honest customer it is your choice. But you cannot harrass a customer by not replacing defective products that you have supplied.
I donot understand why you are not responding to my request for replacement of 2 quantities of the abovementioned product.

Kindly request the concerned personnel to take out time to resolve this long pending problem as soon as possible.

thanks and rgds
Atanu Daw