Scam or fraud: Fitness First Gym — Their cancellation policy and charges

Submitted by: Ajeet_254

Complaint Details:
1. Fitness first offered a 6 month contract on their membership.
2. 6 months of my membership expires on 31st dec 2016.
3. I advised them to cancel my member ship in Nov 16 but they asked that I can submit a form for cancellation next month.
4. On 11th Dec 2016 I filled out a form and asked for cancellation.
5. They are now saying that they cant cancel my membership because I need to give 1 months notice and hence they are going to charge me for full 31 days in Jan 2017.
6. I am surprised with their behaviour and their way of looting simple people.
7. I don’t have 7200 rs to pay and their contract ends on 31st dec 2016. I have already paid till then.
8. Can you please intervene and halp as their one month notice has already been given.