Scam or fraud: — Csd javed is not helping since the printer is purchased

Submitted by: Asgar Nisar Shaikh

Complaint Details:
Dear Authority,
Your Csd Person is not helping while i was there instore from 3pm to 6 pm. he kept on doing time pass and neglecting me, His language is also very Rubbish Spoked like Arey Chicha Kal aao Aaj mer pc hang hai, mujhe bahot sare customer k call log karna hai, I facing this difficulty since when i purchased this product he has not done the call log, irequested him mnay times to do the call log.

now when the the printer is mal functioning which is with in the warranty i laogged a call with epson then i come to know that this printers warranty is expired, which is under a warranty because I purchased it by 21.04.2016 which has been handed over to me by 22.04.2016. I had the SO Bill With me But the serial no of Epsn Printer is not mentioned in that bill viz sales order no is 2130015995, which I had billed there in Vikhroli Ezone and they received the peice from bhandup warehouse and then delivered to me next after the date of billing, So I came to Ezone Vikhroli for serial no to be mentioned on the bill, when i came he has gone for lunch from 3pm I waited for him till 4pm. then I had given him my bill that he told me that ther is a problem in mail so ia waited for that till 5.05pm then his mail started working but still he make me wait for another 1 hour for the bill and kept on doing his work, so again I requested him for the bill then he told me that tum toh apne hi ho pehle ek abr bolo k mai chicha hu toh mail print nikal kar dunga.

please do the needfull