Scam or fraud: Eureka Forbes — Non-refund after taking full advantage

Submitted by: meerasharma

Complaint Details:
They took full advance payment of rs.21770 from credit card for a single cctv camera on 12/12/2016 and promised to install it the next day. I kept calling the whole of the next day without any reply on when installation will happen. They gave me a schedule only after i threatened to cancel the transaction and that schedule also they were not able to follow. Finally i cancelled the transaction and have written to their centralized customer care for a refund. It is almost ten days now and i am yet to get refund. They keep transferring me to some other department – from customer care to shopping and then to some other ‘unknown department’. Nobody has contacted me from this ‘unknown department’ where they claim that my complaint has been escalated. I want to approach customer court for my money.