Scam or fraud: Eq Qualitysystems, Avadi — fraud , cheating iso certificates guy in chennai

Submitted by: Ramakrishnan D

Complaint Details:
This guy H AHAMED BASHA Cell # [protected] is number 1 fraud in chennai . He will collect money for ISO certificates first after that will approach Government loan and collect amount . He will comit dates for loan sanction around 1 month or 2 month of time . Buy you won’t be getting any payment . They amount paid for loan processing you will get a cheque . But that also he won’t clear . He is having account in Vijaya bank Acc # [protected]. This account only i given payment . If we ask refund he will tell ” check your account 1 o clock’, ” Today payment “, ” I am i n bank dong NEFT’, ” Waiting for cheque clearing “, ” I am in Pollachi”, ” I am in gummudipundi”, ” ” I am in death “, Like that all you will get SMS. He is a fraud . 420 . He should be arrested . It will be done soon from my end . Till that don’t entertain this guy . You will loss your money