Scam or fraud: Dg Services — extortion of money and harrasment

Submitted by: Bgirl

Complaint Details:
I have applied for form filling job in this company and I submitted my work on time and I also am pretty sure that I have got the accuracy limit and then I got msg from the company saying that my work has not passed and I had to pay them Rs 4900 has agreed sum but this person Arush Shukla said I had to pay Rs 8040 . I still paid and I received the NOC and termination of my agreement with them. However Arush Shukla after 2 months has started to mail me saying to give more money for the termination of the agreement and that a legal notice has been sent to my house. How can they do so? This person has been harassing me so much. I am a student and to bear all of this money has been taxing on me and I can’t afford anymore. Please help me.