Scam or fraud: Dg Services — a fraud bpo company

Submitted by: Urmilagopal

Complaint Details:
I have accept a project from DG services in which they provide 1500 forms which are to be completed in 10days. As per thier terms and conditions if the work is 100% accurate they would be deducting 4900 from the payment whch they gona pay us if we fail to submit the work 4900 is to b paid by us . In the demo work which they provide us the contents are veryyy clear but when we get to see the actual work after logging in it thing is totaly blur where cant evn idetify where there as single space inspite of that i have done my work with 100% accuracy comparing the dubts i had with the same font in whch the information is provided (ie., moto type corsiva) but the font using which the form is to be filled is diffrent but when evaluation is done they feed moto type corsiva font into the software and evaluate the work which would definitely give a result fail as two fonts are different this is all done because they dont have any intention to pay work the work whch is done. And they tell as a result is fail the client needs to pay a fine of rs.4900 they also send a legal notice from the advocate Mr M.M.patel who is going to charge extra 2700(which is not specified in the agreement) . IT IS TOTALLY A FRAUD COMPANY PLEASE DONT WORK FOR THEM AND WASTE UR TIME. “THE GOVT OF INDIA NEED TO APPOINTMENT A SEPARATE PANEL SO AS TO REVEAL FRAUDSTERS LIKE DG SERVICES AND OTHER ONLINE BPO COMPANIES.