Scam or fraud: CreditMantri — resolving credit issues

Submitted by: muneswargobbi

Complaint Details:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I received a call from Creditmantri they will resolve my credit card negative issues and asking me to subscription purpose. I have paid Rs.1750/- to resolve my two credit issues.

I was subscribed for two negative issues resolving purpose. After two days they have told me that you have some balances with the credit cards and pay the full amounts as already I have settled with the banks last 18 months back.

After subscribed with creditmantri they are calling every day to pay the outstanding credit card amount where I have already settled the banks given me “0” balance. I have already told them who are you told me to pay my outstanding amounts as I have already settled and o/s is zero.

They are keep on disturbing me to pay the credit card o/s amounts as they resolve my negative issues. Who are they to told me to pay my banks settled o/s amount ? Whether I have to pay then I will directly approach the concerned banks ! They are mediators, brokers & agents to banks only. They will not favor to clients .

Today I have aggressively told them don’t call me again and again I will not resolve my negative issues. Stop keep on call.

Muneswar G