Scam or fraud: Capital Via — Fraud company

Submitted by: aahana123

Complaint Details:
Dear Sir/madam

i took interest in the capital via company i wanted to trade and get some market knowledge based o their fake knowledge and promise i paid 40000 rupees fees for their services before joining itself once we pay this company has no responsibility towards customer they keep on rolling the customer its the worst company made my life hel.Please register a complaint against this company and please make them to refund my money as these are my hardwork money we make lots of effort to gain money not to give such fraud companies please help me to take my money back.i am not that financial strong to have such losses i managed to invest 40000 more and they played with my money and gave me wrong knowledge where i lost 30000 loss.I was fool to trust this company i request you to please make them to give back my money.