Scam or fraud: Canara Bank — Dhankawadi Branch non co operating behaviour

Submitted by: Mayuresh Veerkar

Complaint Details:
There are various issues wih this bank.

1. There are less number of ATM stores of this bank.
2. The present ATM stores are mostly in non working condition.
3. In dhankawadi, pune branch if you want to withdraw the amount from the bank the bank staff will mostly ask you for the self baerer cheque. ( If the cheque is not available then they give you the withdrawal slip, but they mostly asks for cheque )
4. The bank timing is mentioned as 10 AM to 6 PM but the bank working (for customers) is closed at 3:30 PM
5. I was arrieved at 1:30 PM for a wihdrawal, the bank clerk gave me the withdrawal receipt on request.
6. I got one token and asked to wait until token number comes.
7. Since I was waited for half an hour, the bank staff closed all cash counters at 2:00 PM for the lunch. ( Atleast one counter should be opened for the customers at lunch time as SBI does )
8. And the horrible thing is, the closed the main entrance of the bank from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM, I cant go outside too.
9. I have requested the staff that i am having some important work, please co-operate me, but still the denied.
10. There ATM’s are closed mostly and because of two days holiday I cant withdraw my savings either from bank or ATM’s.
11. At 2:30 they started the counters and again the waiting for token turn is starts.
12. And finally my turn comes at 2:38 PM
13. Since for my single withdrawal I was waited for one hour (even if the crowd was not there)
14. I was waited half an hour for my token turn and remaining half an hour was waiting in the bank (since the main door was closed from 2:00 to 2:30 PM)
15. There passbook printing machine is not working from few days.