Scam or fraud: Blue Dart Express — Shipment not delivered

Submitted by: shiningravi18

Complaint Details:
Waybill No : 69881750584
Reference No : 1851091685
Status : Consignee Not Available

I Just got a message that the above waybill shipment is undelivered due to “Consignee Not Available”. Let me tell you since morning my wife is at home and she did not heard any doorbell since morning.

and even if there is no person available at the mentioned address then why the guy didn’t call on my cell?
How can he mention Consignee Not Available without visiting\checking the house???

Moreover i had called more than 3-4 times on customer care number 1800-266-0123 and when I press 9 to talk to the executive then there is no voice from other end, it’s stays silent.

This is serious issue needs to taken as consideration.Please take some action again the person who is responsible for this wrong status update and deliver me product as soon as possible.

Ravi Sharma