Scam or fraud: Blue Dart Express — didn’t receive any call from the delivery agent but got a message saying delivery attempted.

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I had a courier with waybill no [protected] to be delivered by Blue Dart.

Today(11th June, 2018) I’ve received a message stating that delivery has attempted. Surprising to note that I didn’t receive any call from the agent, nobody came to my home but I got this message. This is not the first I receive such messages. Once even the package got returned stating the delivery has been attempted thrice.

May I know how did your agent tried this attempt. I’m always reachable at my number. Please provide a valid explanation behind this. And why don’t you provide the contact details of the particular delivery office? I’ve tried by all means(google, Just Dial, etc., ) to contact you. But all in vain.

11th June, 2018.