Scam or fraud: Big Bazaar / Futurebazaar / Future Retail / Hometown — Worst experience at kathriguppe big bazaar

Submitted by: Pooja Dass

Complaint Details:
This issue is relating to the big bazaar kathriguppe branch.
Date 28/12/2016
First thing – I bought a shirt at a counter which said it had 30% discount. But at the billing counter they said the discount did not apply to that and they refuse to cancel the item also.
Second thing – I got a gift voucher from my office for 1000 Rs. And to purchase for the same I went to big bazaar. But at the counter again they refused to accept the gift voucher stating some lame reasons.
So I had to pay the whole amount from my pocket and the gift voucher went for a waste!
On top of that the staff was rude and ignored the issue.
Is this the service you provide to your “valued customers”??
Please look into the issue and resolve the same ASAP.
I want my money back.