Scam or fraud: Beam Telecom / ACT — No Internet in santhome

Submitted by: Junaid Shabeer

Complaint Details:
India’s 3rd Largest ISP ? Seriously ? When other 3rd class service provider like Rajjnet and Net Express have restored the service within a day, I considered ACT as the best, What’s your problem exactly?

Request to take immediate action since already half month has passed and the customers aren’t fools to stick with ACT, I’m on the verge of shifting back to Airtel. Very nice plans have been launched by them .

User id: 11159173

Area: Santhome

The Irony is that, I had recommended ACT to atleast 5 of my friends and i share ACT junction boxes with the neighbours i reffered.

If you’re not providing me a solution asap, Contact me regarding disconnection it.