Scam or fraud: Beam Telecom / ACT — Internet not working for past 12 days

Submitted by: Balaji Sundaresan

Complaint Details:
The internet connection is not working for past 12 days and complaint has been lodged on 12th December 2016 and no action taken by ACT Broadband. On daily basis they only send a SMS saying that will be resolved in 24 hours but this message is being sent daily for past 10 days. When we call the company they keep the receiver down and does not work from morning 9 am to evening 8 pm. The other service provider like Airtel, Cherrinet and few others have restored the service within a day ie 13th December.
Request to take immediate action since already half month passed but still they will be charging for the full month without any deduction.

Connection in the name of : S Malini
Area of Connection : Ashok Nagar Krupa Colony, Chennai.
Mobile Number for contact : 9940106898
Account No: 1349429

Hope for this atleast ACT team will take some interest and resolve the problem.

S Malini