Scam or fraud: Bata India — complaint regarding not provide voucher as per current offer – bata -ashram road – ahmedabad store

Submitted by:  Jayesh Andharia

Complaint Details:

Dear Bata Complaint Resolution Team,

I have purchased the Bata products from Ashram Road Store – Ahmedabad for Rs. 2016.72 vide Invoice No. CM[protected] on 17/08/2018. As per the Bata Be Surprised offer I must be provided the Voucher of Rs. 500/-. But while I have asked to the cashier for that at the time of billing he has told me that for the payment via V Gift Voucher the assured gift voucher offer is not applicable and I have not provided the voucher for Rs. 500 in the lower portion of my invoice. However today dated[protected] I have Purchased a Shoes from Bata Bhavnagar Store vide Invoice No. CM[protected] worth bill amount of Rs. 2501/- and for that also I have made payment for Rs. 2000 by V Gift Vouchers I am having and rest Rs. 501/- I have paid via Debit card and for that I have received Rs. 500/- Gift Coupon code on lower of my Invoice. The Ashram Road Store Branch have given me the wrong Information and not provided my Gift Voucher of 500/- at that time with my Invoice hence I have to pay Rs. 501 for my purchase of 22/08/2018 vide Invoice No. CM[protected] as Rs. 2000/- already I have paid by the V Gift vouchers I was having. If I would have provided Rs. 500 Gift voucher for my purchased on 17/08/2018 for Invoice no. CM[protected], I can use it for my purchase of 22/08/2018 and I would not have to pay Rs. 500/- for this purchase. Hence I am complaining for BATA – Ashram Road, Ahmedabad store for not providing me the voucher of Rs. 500/- as per your current offer, Mislead/Miscommunicate/Wrong Information given to customer for which I am having loss of Rs. 500/- in my purchase of 22/08/2018 for Invoice no. CM[protected] which I want Refund from BATA at earliest.