Scam or fraud: Bank Of Baroda — cdm or cash deposit

Submitted by: Jaimin03

Complaint Details:
Today (17/11/2018) I went to deposit the fund ( ₹200/) in the bank (Jogeshvari East branch).
First i have to tray in CDM but machine is not accepting ₹200 note, so I need 100×2 note so I talk with cashier and he is denay “Hum log 6utta nahi dete”.
After I fill deposit slip and I went the counter and he says “Hum log 6ota Amount nahi-lete”.
The Cashier denied to deposit the same, by giving the reason of We are not accepting small amount. This is really surprising me.
Next counter lady cashier given me 100×2 note and my problem is solw.
Please setup CDM (cash deposit machine) for 200 note acceptable.