Scam or fraud: Bajaj Finserv — Wrong Loan Issued

Submitted by: joshymraj

Complaint Details:
My name is Joshy M Raj. I have applied for a flexi personal loan with Kochi(Kaloor) Bajaj Finserv. The executive named Anson Jacob(Contact Number : 9633011593) came and collected all documents. After background verification I got the loan amount credited to my account in 3 or 4 days. But in the welcome email I saw that the loan type was mentioned SALARIED LOAN ONLINE. I called the executive and he assured that no need to bother that my loan is a Flexi Loan. But I saw there is no options for part payment in their online portal. Calling customer care, they replied that according to their documents my loan is a normal salary loan. But the executive told me that normal salty loan’s interest rate will be 12.5% and flexi loan’s is 13.5%. Since my real need is after 3 months, I opted for Flexi loan so that I can transfer the amount back to their virtual account. But now the loan issued a normal loan with higher interest rate of Flexi loan. The executive is playing with request saying that he send mails to his boss who is sitting in Pune. I got a CC-ed mail to Mr.Naveenkumar KM and Siddesh GR sent by Anson. Both are not replying. Its been more than a month I am wasting my time. Nowadays that executive is not taking my calls. Because of his negligence I need to pay almost Rs.20000 or more extra and there is no option for part prepayment and the foreclosure charge is 4% compared to nil of Flexi loan which I opted. Beware these guys are cheating I think. Somebody from Bajaj Finserv, please see my grievance and resolve it ASAP.

My Consumer Number is 39161836
Sales Executive : Anson Jacob
Sales Managers : Naveenkumar K M, Siddesh G R
Contact Number is 9995332662