Scam or fraud: Bajaj Allianz — car insurance, making fool while we take car but at the time of claim nothing approved.

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Complaint Details:
The surveyor is really arrogant & not ready to listened just wanted to put his comments whatever it is & he wants, My car bumbed into bike & to save him I took further left & my car got a hit from left back door with a piller at the end of the colony, he didn’t even agree that it hit with piller, if this kind of survey you do where you say customer is lying, really pathetic.. How did he knows it didn’t hit with piller, he thinks we are stupid making stories, I will ensure neither I nor any one whom I know will get insurance form bajaj Allianc. really sick, if you guys think customer lie n make stories please trust than there is no use for insurance .My car will repair whether will insurance or with my own experience but this is really bad to make fool to customer, at the time of insurance they say take this that, zero dep etc but when we claim u put whatever u want… really annoyed,