Scam or fraud: Bajaj Allianz — Allianz Egypt

Submitted by: Totonona4

Complaint Details:
I had an insurance document for my child education with Allianz Egypt since 2005 in US$, I used to pay in installment base deducted from my Dinners card as I’m living outside the country . All of the sudden they stopped deduction starting from late 2015, I send messsge to clarify they didn’t reply until May 2016 they informed me that the central bank in Egypt stopped any card transaction with foreign currency and informed me they will not be able to continue through the card, hence I asked to close the document any settle the money, they deducted arround 1800$ as penalty for not paying also it isn’t my mistake, I tried to explain that however they insisted not help, and took more than 2 months to come out with the decision not to help, also that I’m still have no another one with Egyptian currency and continued it through cash payment, reply it Is a discourriging situation that will make me exit from dealing with Allianz ASAP, advising my contacts not to deal with you at all